A downloadable game for Windows

Bomby and Slyde is a short puzzle game that combines a redirection maze with a classic sliding tile puzzle. Your goal is to direct a cannonball from its start to a target using only the tiles of the floor. Clicking on a tile will select it, and from there you can move it around the board. A simple concept at first, but truly challenging in practice! There are 25 levels to be mastered in this tricky puzzler.

Bomby and Slyde was created for Fuck This Jam 2014, a unique game jam where developers are challenged to create a game in a genre and that they hate. This game is the result after starting-out game developer Christopher Bly took on the task of creating a puzzle game with the help of his best friend Eli Powell.

This game was created in 5 Days, and is the first ever released by Christopher Bly.

Install instructions

After downloading, open the .zip folder and extract its contents.

Then simply launch the "Bomby and Slyde" application to begin playing.


BombyAndSlyde.zip 18 MB